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I met with Liz Boardman, a Knutsford based copywriter, to get behind the scenes of her business with a question & answer session.

Read on to discover more about what her job entails, ways she helps businesses, how she became a copywriter, and her love of books.

So, you're a copywriter. What exactly does that mean?

In very simple terms, I'm a writer.

I write for businesses and brands to help them promote their products and services. This can range from product descriptions -you know that little + sign you click when viewing a product online - well, that, to press releases, content for social media, newsletters, blogs, magazine articles, and web copy.

Essentially, I'm a storyteller, and what could be better than sharing other people's stories.

Wow! You're clearly the person to come to for words

Yes, if it's anything to do with words, then I'm all over it.

One thing I love is helping clients find their voice. And this means building relationships from the off so that I can get to know them better. By working out what makes them tick and really getting to the heart of their brand, I can add personality to their copy, which helps them to connect with their customers.

And for anyone who is maybe a little worried about cost, not everything is a start-from-scratch job. I'm often asked by clients to give things what I call 'a proof and a polish', where I check spelling and grammar, as well as improving the flow of their words and removing any repetition. It's less involved but gives clients peace of mind that their copy is suitable for public consumption.

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How have you got where you are today?

I've always been good at writing and the arts, and made sure I studied subjects that played to those strengths, such as English and history. I've never gone down the formal qualification route, but my degree is in history, which is the very definition of persuasive writing, so it's served me well.

After graduating from University, I had various jobs in PR & Marketing (including several years at a former Championship Division football club), but found I preferred the PR side because it involved more writing.

From PR & Marketing, I moved into the world of publishing and worked at a publishing house for several years, writing and editing magazines. In fact, I still edit a quarterly trade magazine and write articles today for various other publications, but now on a freelance basis.

Career-wise, I guess I've worked it out as I've gone along, recognising what I'm good at and fine-tuning it along the way. Now as a self-employed copywriter, working with so many brilliant businesses and brands, I couldn't be happier.

Has copywriting changed much in that time?

Yes, a lot. I've noticed businesses (even corporate companies) are moving away from very formal copy, in favour of more conversational writing, which is warm, chatty, approachable, and far better for engaging customers.

What kind of businesses do you work with?

All kinds. On any given day, I could be writing about anything from fashion, finance, and IT, to homeware, events, and wellness. My niche is that I don't have a niche.

I work with big brands such as Portmeirion, which I love, but I also enjoy working with local businesses to help build their brand and visibility. Local clients include Knutsford Admin, Smook Styling, and Emma Beaumont.

Copywriting sounds like a really interesting job. What advice would you give to someone who wants to follow a similar career?

Read. Anything and everything. Books, magazine articles, blogs, various styles and different genres. Read it all.

And write. Maybe start journaling or write a blog.

I also recommend following other copywriters on social media. They often post tips and insights into their daily lives. My Instagram page might be a good place to start - @lizboardmancopywriting

Also, if you're still in education, choose subjects that will help you develop your skills and include lots of essay writing. English, history, psychology, and journalism are all good examples.

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Any copywriting myths you'd like to dispel?

Yes, I'm often asked about copyright, which is a completely different field altogether and not my bag.

Now let's have a bit of fun to get to know even more about you with some quickfire questions...

Kindle or book? Both. I've always got a book on the go!

Fact or Fiction? Fiction

Favourite book? The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova

What do you like to do when you're not writing? I think we can count eating cake a hobby, but I do like to balance it out with regular yoga and gym sessions, plus long walks in Tatton Park. I'm also a huge music fan (my husband is a musician so it's a given) - my favourite artists include Bastille, The Killers, Sam Fender and The 1975.

Tell me 3 interesting facts about you:

  1. I might be good with words, but I hate public speaking
  2. A true Knutsfordian, I've lived in the town all my life
  3. I'm obsessed with Paris. My dream is to take a sabbatical and live the bohemian life in Montmartre for a few months

And finally, if I was a business who could use your wisdom with words, how do I contact you?

You can visit my website: or email me at

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