Knutsford Knud

A page dedicated to the Knutsford's very own recipe!

Biscuits, Rice Krispies, and nuts all rolled up in deliciously smooth chocolate, with favourite flavours added for good measure.

Read how Knutsford's sweet treat was created, plus tips and recipe ideas for making your own Knutsford Knud, as well as where to find it in the town:

More recipe ideas will be coming your way as they're created, so pop back to discover new combinations as they're rolled out around Knutsford.

Or if you're visiting the town, the Knutsford Knud is currently available at:

Hot Cocoa - 44 King Street

Cranford Cafe - 10-12 Canute Place

Detaljer - 39-41 Princess Street

with more venues adding it to their menus soon!

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