The Knutsford Knud

Say hello to the Knutsford Knud. A mouthwatering combination of biscuit, nut and cereal, all rolled up in smooth chocolate, with added flavours to really tantilise those tastebuds.

This no-bake, one-bowl deliciousness was created right here in Knutsford, thanks to the recipes, ingredient ideas, and taste testing from local residents during a campaign to find a new sweet treat.

Why Knud?

As well as recipe suggestions, potential names were also put forward, some of which included "Canute". This Danish King has historical links to the town, and as the Anglicised version of Canute is Knud, we found our short, catchy name which remains synonymous with Knutsford.

What will be in your Knud?

As the Knutsford Knud includes biscuits, nuts, cereal, and chocolate, it lends itself to many variations which can be easily adapted to suit personal tastes.

Scroll down for some recipe ideas, including the Ginger, Orange & Dark Chocolate recipe which was part of the taste testing day.

More ideas will be coming very soon, such as a no-nut version, white chocolate based, and some with seasonal twists.

In the meantime, if you fancy creating your own Knutsford Knud, there's a handy video on Instagram: and Facebook:

Top Tips for creating a Knutsford Knud

We've been busy creating lots of Knutsford Knud's around the town, and here are some of our top tips when making one of your own:

Tip 1: The key ingredients in giving the Knutsford Knud is distinctive crispy & chewy texture are the Rice Krispies, golden syrup, and butter. Be sure to include these in every recipe.

Tip 2: Use butter not margarine. The higher water content in margarine softens the biscuits and Rice Krispies making them loose their crunch and crispiness.

Tip 3: Crunchier biscuits are best. Varieties such as Biscoff, Digestives, and Maryland cookies work well at soaking up the chocolate mixture, and giving extra crunch to the Knud.

Tip 4: Leaving the mixture to cool slightly before you roll it makes it easier to shape.

Tip 5: Giving the Knud a gentle roll about 1 hour into the chilling time helps keep the cylinder shape.

Tip 6: Don't be tempted to coat the Knud straight from the fridge. The chocolate will quickly harden, making it very difficult to spread.

Tip 7: Knutsford Knuds can be stored in an airtight container in the fridge for up to a week (if they last that long!).

I'd love to hear if you have any other ideas for flavour combinations or ingredient suggestions. Feel free to message me via Instagram or Facebook. Alternatively send an email to:

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