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Laura Davies, Knutsford mum and founder of SMOOK Styling, is someone with a passion for helping women find the perfect pieces for their wardrobe. Whether this is everyday items, a whole new look, or an outfit for a special occasion, Laura has the expertise and keen eye to create the exact style to suit you.

We met for a coffee and a chat so I could discover more about Laura’s fashion background, her wealth of knowledge, and how all this led to SMOOK Styling.

First things first – where does the name SMOOK come from?

The name SMOOK was inspired by the Scandinavian word ‘Smuk’ which means feminine, confident and beautiful. The exact way I want every woman to feel.

Is this your aim as a personal stylist?

Yes. For me, personal styling is about making people feel good through the clothes they wear by showing them which colours and styles suit their individual tone and body shape, and how to embrace their style personality.

What if I’m not happy about my body shape?

We all have parts of our body we’re self-conscious about, and I can show you how to dress for those areas in a flattering way.

Even if I think I’m a little bit overweight?

Weight is one of the main concerns for many of my clients. Some say they’ll book my services when they’ve lost a few pounds, but my response to this is: what’s the point in waiting to be someone who you may never be? Make the best of yourself now.

You may be surprised to learn, choosing the right clothes isn’t about size, it’s about body shape. And body shape doesn’t change. This is down to bone structure, which stays the same no matter what weight you are. So, we can get to work straight away, finding the perfect pieces for your shape, tone, and personality!

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How have you gained this kind of knowledge?

I’ve worked in the fashion & design industry since I was 19. Over the years, I’ve developed an understanding of women’s bodies, especially the functions of clothing, as well as where each item comes from, how it washes, how it’s cut, and attention to fitting. The right clothing is all about what’s good for you, as well as the planet, environment, and economy.

Tell me more about your early career.

I began as a Designer, something I still do a little of today. My role required a great deal of travelling to places such as LA, New York, and Tokyo for design inspiration, then China and India to choose fabrics and have the clothing made.

This gave me a valuable insight into the fashion and design world, plus it enabled me to develop close working relationships with brands and suppliers. Which worked perfectly when I had my eldest daughter, as I was able to go freelance.

How did you become a personal stylist?

I’d wanted to train in personal styling when my first baby was born but I couldn’t travel to London to study for the course. However, lockdown brought the opportunity to me! The impact on the fashion industry meant I lost many of my design contracts, but on the plus side, I was able to dedicate my time to home-schooling my children.

Another positive to come out of the situation was my chance to enrol on an online course at London College of Fashion, which I studied during the evening when the kids were in bed.

I set up SMOOK Styling in November 2020 and haven’t looked back since.

Do you feel your career journey helps you in your current role?

Definitely. I went from being a highflier to a busy working mum, with all the challenges that involves, like getting back into shape, and reconfirming my identity after I had my children. I understand those feelings of uncertainty and lack of confidence my clients sometimes express because I’ve lived it too.

And what would my styling journey with you look like?

I offer a range of services, depending on your need, including: colour analysis, styling sessions, wardrobe detox, personal shopping, plus a combination of these.

My absolute recommendation is the Style and Shop. As my main objective is to create a wardrobe of cohesive clothes that you love, the Style and Shop package gets the whole job done!

However, if you're on a budget, I would recommend the Styling Session. This is where we look at your colours and body shape to work out which styles will suit you best. I help you uncover how you want to look and what you want to express with your clothing.

I then have all the information I need to find you the perfect pieces, whether this is during a personal shop or my new Power Hour service. We can either visit stores in person or I can place an online order to ensure you have your items when you need them.

I work with lots of different brands, and many of them offer discounts for my clients, which means this can be offset against the cost of the styling session. And as I know exactly what to look for, I can keep an eye out for online availability and further discounts.

Some brands also invite me to host events for them. These are a great opportunity for people to just come along and enjoy the evening with a glass of fizz and no pressure to spend. You can browse the rails, gain some inspiration, and if you do see something you like, there are often big discounts on the night.

Can you work to any budget?

Yes. Whether you’re looking to spend a few hundred or a few thousand pounds, we’ll work to find you the perfect pieces.

For a lower budget, we’ll begin creating a capsule wardrobe where everything works together. I’ll show you how to mix and match your purchases meaning you’ll get plenty of wear out of each item.

While shopping, I’ll also advise you on other items to aim for next time, which means you’ll have a ready-made Christmas and birthday list!

I often see people on social media showing off their new clothing purchases. Do you feel social media has had an impact on the world of fashion and design?

Social media has made it easier for people to learn about current and upcoming trends, but it’s worth remembering there’s a fundamental difference between Instagram influencers and personal stylists. Influencers want you to buy what they are wearing. A personal stylist will encourage you to buy what works for you.

When I carry out a wardrobe edit, most of the items people choose to get rid of are those pieces they’ve bought because they’ve been influenced. What works for one person won’t necessarily work for another, and this can be an expensive mistake to make when choosing to buy something because you’ve seen it on social media.

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But you’re obviously still aware of upcoming trends though?

I am. I still have a slight hand in design, which gives me trend access to information not available to anyone outside of the industry.  This means I can see what’s ahead, and what’s worth investing in to get the most out of the pieces you buy.

It’s important to note there’s a difference between being on trend and being current. You may not want to be trendy but with the right clothes, you can still look current and stylish.

As I shop a mix of high-street, designer, local, and brand, I can make the right look and clothes accessible to all.

So, what trends should we be on the look-out for during 2024/2025?

2024 is all about cohesive fashion! Elevated staples and chic styling. Co-ords are a huge deal across all seasons, from linen to crochet sets, silk to tailoring – a co-ord is a great way of mixing and matching your wardrobe.

Now let's have a bit of fun to get to know even more about you...

Who is your favourite designer/design inspiration? Isabel Marant is my all-time favourite designer. I’m also a big fan of Anine Bing, not because everyone likes the logo on her jumpers, but because of her story of being a female designer in today’s world. I also really love Jeanette Madsen of Rotate Birger Christensen, she is the ultimate glama-mama.

What’s your favourite item of clothing you’ve ever owned? Ooooh tough one! I think it has to be the pink corsage top you see me wearing in lots of my branding photos. I love to wear clothes which are fun and playful.

Do you have a favourite colour to wear? I think everyone knows the answer to this – Pink! It has always made me happy to wear pink. I do also love to wear neutrals too and always feel so uncomfortable in black.

What do you like to do when not working? Life is about balance. I work Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, which gives me precious time to spend with my husband, our 2 girls, and friends. When I’m not working or mum-ing, I enjoy yoga & fitness classes. I also love learning about and trying new things, such as crystals, cold water experiences, and meditation. And recently I've started an allotment with my girls!

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And finally, if I’m looking for some help and inspiration for my wardrobe, how do I contact you?

You can find all the details of my services and contact details on the SMOOK Styling website: I also have an Instagram and Facebook page where I regularly post inspiration, tips, and advice, so give me a follow on there too.

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